Verna Dunkinson 

Red Rock Raceways


Predators: Remeber you must have your governor installed and the original fuel tank installed. The new weight is 375#. These changes were made so that you will be legal at 7 different tracks now.

BMS Plate - We will No Longer be allowing the BMS Plate with the big pipe. This has been causing too many issues. This was allowed to assst those racing with us Saturday nights and then going to the BMS Show Sunday early AM. At the last race which was a Friday night (no BMS Show Sat) a few were trying to use the plate (to an advantage). To avoid any further complications we are resending this rule. According  to several different engine builders it only takes 15-20 minutes to make the change. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

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Sr Predator's - Your Kart fee has been reduced to $5.00!!!!!!! for regular shows

This is a just for fun/learning and bragging rights class. Jr Predator will remain $15 as trophies are given to the top 3 in that division.
Sr and Jr Predator's will now have the option to put bodies on their karts... it was brought to our attention that some don't feel safe with out a body. It is an option and not mandatory - our goal is to keep this class affordable but keep safety in mind.

Attention Drivers and Crews:
Gasoline sample for testing will be 87 Octain from Sheetz in Claysburg, PA. A fresh sample will be obtained every race day!

The pump or tank doesn't matter! But it is ALWAYS recommended to first pump some into your vehicle then into your gas can for your kart....THIS IS THE PROCEDURE THAT RED ROCK WILL BE FOLLOWING ON A WEEKLY BASIS!!

​The Tillotson PK-1b Carb WILL NOT be allowed at Red Rock along with most other tracks in PA. This carb is marked and you can tell what it is very quick. You get caught in tech with this carb you will be Disqualified no questions ask.. (this includes any money/trophy for the night, points for the night as well as any stickers).This Should not not affect most as there are not many in out there (1,300). The Tillotson PK-1A is a legal carburetor on clones.
Also the Inserts or anything added to the inside of a tire Sidewall will result in an immediate DQ should you have any questions please call me (301)-268-3705