Clones may run a none adjustable Billet flywheel.

Clones pump gas 87 octane ONLY.

We use Claysburg Sheetz for the Fuel Sample

Rear number plates are mandatory and MUST be visible. 

[BURRIS TIRES ONLY]  except for our Open Clone Class



When you enter the Red Rock Raceways, you agree to all of the rules written or amended. Also, you agree to abide by the decisions of the promoter and officials. The rules set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events and by participating in these events all participants agree to comply with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and in no way guarantee against injury/death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final. The race director has the authority to revoke racing privileges of any competitor at any time and for any reason. Competitors who are unable to compete in an appropriate manner will be penalized accordingly. Management has the right to confiscate any part deemed to be in violation of the technical rules. Any driver/ car found to be in violation of any technical/ procedural rules can have their racing privileges revoked for any length of time deemed appropriate by management.

 General Rules

 1.  Kids will only be allowed to participate in the class that is appropriate to their age regardless of their abilities,  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! IF honesty of a child’s age is in question by the officials you will be required to show the child’s birth certificate as proof of age.
2.  Illegal drugs are those substances defined and prohibited by state and federal laws. Any persons at Red Rock Raceways are strictly prohibited from possession or use of illegal drugs as defined above, including the pits, parking lots, restrooms and all ground owned by Red Rock Raceways/Owners. All persons are considered to be responsible for their personal conduct.
3,  Confrontation with ANY track official can result in being Disqualified this includes Loss of Points (for the event or season) and loss of trophy or monies for that event.

4.  Screaming and physical violence will NOT be tolerated this could lead to a disqualification of driver/team or track suspension. Absolutely no one is to confront the flagmen or track official during a race!
5.  Track officials have the authority to disqualify or suspend the driver, kart, and other persons for violation of the rules. Anyone not cooperating with the speedway program, rules regulations or kart racing in general, will be disqualified or suspended.
6.  Anyone sustaining an injury at the racetrack MUST report the injury to an official and ambulance crew immediately.


1.  All Kart classes and/or karts are subject to TECH!

2. Karts may be randomly checked to ensure that the meet the proper specifications.

3. If a dirver/owner refuses Tech/Tear Down (for whatever reason) this is an immediate disqualification  or is disqualified because of a tech issue, they will forfeit all points, cash, trophies ect for the night.  If there is a second offense , the karter will forfeit  all cash trophies ect for the night and all points accumulated thus far in the season this is a DQ.

4. If you refuse tech because you are using the kart and engine in another event you will be required to report to tech immediately after the last race you are scheduled to be in. If you refuse tech at that point this is a disqualification and  you will be disqualified for every event that the kart and driver were entered in - you will forefit all points, cash, trophies ect for the night. If there is a second offense, the karter will forfeit all cash trophies ect for the night and all points accumulated thus far in ALL Classes that he and that kart was entered in.

Per WKA and  Don Gordner AKRA N.E. Regional Tech Director.

 Reserved Tear Down Right

1.  All protesting must be done before the kart being protested leaves the scales. Protest money, name and kart number will be handled by the scale official. The kart protested will be torn down. If the protested motor is illegal, the protester gets his money back less the tech man fees, and the offender will be disqualified. If the motor is legal, the protester loses his money to the accused less the tech man fees.
2.  Protest fee is $200.00. $100.00 will go to the racer and $100.00 to the tech man.
3.  The penalty for refusing tech or tear down is loss of points for the event (heat and feature) and loss of any trophy/monies for the event.
4.  Only the driver/kart owner of the protested kart and the protester (person that paid the protest fee) are allowed in the tech area while the teardown is taking place.

Full faced helmet designed for racing with Snell M2015 or better is required anytime a driver is on the track. Full coverage driver wear, including sturdy shoes, socks and gloves are required for all on track activities. Although not required, race wear designed for race application is recommended. Long hair must be secured and kept under the helmet.
Required: Gloves and Neck Brace designed for race application must be worn any time the driver is on the track.
Chest protectors MUST be worn by children 12yrs and younger.
It is recommended by the officials of Red Rock Raceways that ALL drivers wear chest and rib protectors or a chest and rib protective jacket.

 Points and Scoring

1.  Points go with the driver not the kart!
2.  If you qualify one kart in the heat race but need to run a different kart in the feature you will forfeit your starting spot and start on the rear of the feature line up.
3.  If you have a question about scoring it will have to wait until after completion of the show to consult with the scorers. After the completion of the last feature for the night,    they will be available to answer any questions. DO NOT, AT ANY TIME, DURING THE RACES come to the scoring tower/flag stand!
4.  Points will be updated each week and posted on the Red Rock Raceways website.
5.  If there would ever be a problem with your points, you must inform the officials as soon as the error is posted. DO NOT wait until the last race of the season to inform officials that the points are wrong.
6.  In order to receive points for an event, the driver must take the green and make one lap of the race.
7.  In the event of a tie for year end points (track champion) the 1st tie breaker will be the number of feature wins for the season, 2nd tie breaker will be the number of heat wins for the season, last would be the highest finishing position of the last race BOTH drivers competed in.
8.  All scoring will be done at the start/finish line. In the case of a yellow flag situation, cars that have passed the finish line under the green flag conditions will be scored on that lap; all remaining cars will revert back to the last completed lap or the initial starting lineup. This eliminates racing through an accident or back to the starter’s stand. Cars involved in the incident will restart at the rear of the field if able.
9.  Any driver attempting to improve his/her position while pacing under yellow will be returned to his rightful racing position and faces a possible penalty for delaying the race. Refusal to maintain proper track position when an official directs a driver to where he/she is to be will result in being sent to the rear of the field.

If you are caught with illegal fuel or altering fuel you will be disqualified and lose all points for the night and any trophy/money.

 General Race Procedures

1.   No One will be permitted in the pit area without purchasing a pit pass. The purchase of a pit pass assures your signature for verification of insurance protection. There will be NO external pitting on the airstrip across from the concession unless the regular pit is full (then accommodations that meet with the insurance regulations will be provided); this is a new insurance regulation as they want to ensure that all persons entering the pit are covered under the insurance for medical coverage. If we do not abide by this or do not enforce this we could lose insurance coverage.
2.   All karts must have 6” legible number plates. Numbers must be on both sides of the kart, front and rear. This is to ensure that you are scored properly. You will not be scored if we cannot see your number.
3.   Heat of Tires - Tire heaters and hot  boxes are allowed. NO OPEN FLAMES TO HEAT TIRES! (this is an insurance regulation)
4.   You must line up at the grid when your class is called. A kart will have 2 laps to make the field providing the lineup official has been notified that the kart is planning to race. 5.   No kart will be permitted to enter the track after the green flag is shown.
6.   All slow karts must stay to the outside of the track.
7.   Any kart involved in causing a yellow/red flag or stopping on the track will be sent to the rear. The flagman/officials will determine the kart(s) involved.
8.   If a driver purposely wrecks another kart to gain a position(s) that kart will go to the rear of the field and the non-aggressive kart will maintain its position.
9.   Anyone in the Adult classes that brings out the caution 3 times in one race will be black flagged.
10. If a caution occurs on the initial start, there will be a complete restart. If officials can determine the kart that caused the caution, that kart will be sent to the rear. After 3 failed initial starts the re-start will be single file.
11. Restarts are single file after the first lap is completed.
12. All race starts and restarts are coming off of turn 4 and according to the flagman’s discretion. A race may be stopped at any time if the flagman or official considers it too dangerous or unsafe to continue.
13. The front row karts will set a steady slow pace until the green flag has dropped. Karts cannot change position until the green flag waves and you are past the white chalk line - you cannot go below the white chalk line. Any kart that jumps the start the first time will be given a warning, the second time they will be sent to the rear. Any kart going below the white line will be docked 2 positions. You must stay side by side on the initial starts and nose to tail on the restarts - if you do not you will be docked 2 positions. This is for safety and so we don't have pile-ups in turns 1 & 2....
14. When the yellow flag is displayed, the field must slow down immediately to a reasonable speed behind the leader and positions must be maintained.
15. On a Red Flag you must stop immediately! No one is allowed on the track other than officials and emergency personnel. No work is permitted on the kart and no crew persons are allowed on the track. If you work on your kart under the red or have crew on the track you will be DQ’d for the event. Parents of child drivers will be taken out on the track with their child.
16. All karts must be weighed after each event. If a kart is light after the heat the driver will be DQ’d for that race lose any heat points and will start at the rear of the feature. If the kart is light after the feature the driver will be DQ’d and lose feature points/trophy/money.
17. When the first place kart crosses the finish line under the checkered flag the race is considered complete.
18. All drivers must have a way to shut off their motors while sitting in the driver’s seat.
19. Please shut your kart off before entering the scales. This ensures a proper kart weight.
20. No driving through the pits.
21. It is the responsibility of the driver to take their kart and helmet to the tech area to be inspected. If you take your kart to your pit area before going to tech you will be DQ’d for the night.
22. A black flag will be given to any driver who is losing part of his/her racecar, smoking excessively, leaking fluid and/or if the racecar is deemed to be a hazard, or to be in an unsafe condition.
23. If a furled black flag is pointed at a driver, this is considered a “warning” that the driver has done something that is not permitted. If the driver repeats the offense, the black flag will be unfurled and the driver will be disqualified.
24. If an unfurled black flag is waved at a driver, the driver/car is disqualified. Driver should reduce speed and enter the pit area at the next pit entrance. Pit steward will notify the driver/crew of the reason for the disqualification.

 Rainouts/Rain Check Policy

In the event that scheduled events must be cancelled due to rain, curfew, etc. and all qualifying events have been completed rain checks will not be issued In this case, the feature events will be made up at a future date and the qualifying positions from the cancelled event will still stand. However, if the scheduled events are cancelled due to rain, curfew, etc. and the qualifying events are not completed, rain checks will be issued

If a raincheck is issued, you will have 30 days from the date of the rainout (the date that rain cancels said show) to use your ticket or armband at face value (NO CASH BACK) for another race.

NEW Predator Class to be added at Red Rock!!!   Updated: 6/15/19

This is an economy class meant for fun and seat time and for those who can't afford the other divisions. Anyone found with an illegal motor will be banned from Red Rock Raceway.
There will be no trophies or monies awarded on a weekly basis - as above this is just a for fun class. You will receive a feature winner sticker for "bragging rights".

This division will also be a claimer division, your motor can be claimed for 130.00. You must be a driver/kart owner to file a protest. Anyone protesting another driver must have finished on the lead lap of the race and the protest must be filed with the tech inspector before the kart leaves the tech area. The track reserves the right to claim the motor before any competitor.

The motor must be completely stock as bought from Harbor Freight. (Approx $130)
Must have stock fuel pump and governor must  remain installed.

Due to Safety Bodies will now be optional Not Mandatory....  7/7/18

Weight: ..... (depending on kart count and karters)
300lb. Age 12 - 15
375lb. Age 16 and up

Open Tire Rule (predator class only) The powers that be have decided to go with an open tire rule for this division ONLY so that drivers have an open market to purchase used tires. Remember this is a beginner/low budget class. You do not HAVE to run 5.0 on the right front  and 6.0 on the right rear. You MAY run L front 5.0, L rear 6.0 and R side 10 - this way you can just buy one full set of tires.

Pull start only. Drum clutch only.

This class will have heats and a feature the same as our other divisions. 

Yes, you read that correctly. A Predator is a 212cc engine with a 2.756 bore, a 2.165 stroke (+/-.005) Purchased at Harbor Freight.

The Engine Basics 

Simply put ... if you take a new Predator, install a shoe/drum clutch, remove or disconnect the low oil sensor and install approved chain guard you will be legal. Any tampering inside the engine is not allowed.

* No modifications to the motor other than the addition of a chain guard

* Stock fuel tank MUST be as installed by the factory.  Fuel pump and non-factory fuel tank is prohibited.

*Stock air box only. No modifications  whatsoever to the air cleaner (filter) or the air box itself. No add ons.

* Stock exhaust only with NO modifications

* Exhaust studs may be be replaced with bolts. If so, bolts must be safety wired.

* The Governor may NOT be disconnected. Governor must be installed as new out of the box.

* Must have chain guard made of metal and deemed safe by track officials.

*Shoe/Drum type clutch only. Max of 4 shoes. (NO disc clutches)

* Carb may not be modified. Must be stock carburetor as installed by the factory.




*Standard modern race karts and wheel widths permitted  per WKA rules.

*Open tire rule. Meaning you may run any brand racing slick (Vega Maxxis, Burris, Hoosier, ect)

*Bodies optional. If used the body must meet WKA rules.

*4 STANDARD NUMBER PANELS WITH HIGHLY VISIBLE, EASY TO READ 6" HIGH NUMBERS.  Anything other than a standatd number panel must get approved  by track officials.

*No metal floor pans or number plates

Lead Weights - must be painted white WITH YOUR KART NUMBER ON EACH PIECE OF LEAD.

Double nuts or single lock nut and cotter pin are Required. We recommend bolts to be 3/8in size and be grade 5 or grade 8 bolts.



All rules are governed by WKA.

 All Clone Engine Rules governed by AKRA

Tillotson PK-1b Carb WILL NOT be allowed at Red Rock along with most other tracks in PA. This carb is marked and you can tell what it is very quick. You get caught in tech with this carb you will be Disqualified no questions ask.. (this includes any money/trophy for the night, points for the night as well as any stickers).This Should not not affect most as there are not many in out there (1,300). The Tillotson PK-1A is a legal carburetor on clones.

Also the Inserts or anything added to the inside of a tire Sidewall will result in an immediate DQ