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Attention Drivers and Crews:
Gasoline sample for testing will be 87 Octain from Sheetz in Claysburg, PA. A fresh sample will be obtained every race day!

The pump or tank doesn't matter! But it is ALWAYS recommended to first pump some into your vehicle then into your gas can for your kart....THIS IS THE PROCEDURE THAT RED ROCK WILL BE FOLLOWING ON A WEEKLY BASIS!!

Sr Predator's - Your Kart fee has been reduced to $5.00!!!!!!! for regular shows

This is a just for fun/learning and bragging rights class. Jr Predator will remain $15 as trophies are given to the top 3 in that division.

Sr and Jr Predator's will now have the option to put bodies on their karts... it was brought to our attention that some don't feel safe with out a body. It is an option and not mandatory - our goal is to keep this class affordable but keep safety in mind.

ATTENTION!!! BeTram Motor Sports has decided it is not financially feasable for them to be with us at Red Rock. Roger Lowery Racing is going to supply parts for a few weeks while we attempt to find another parts distributor . I would suggest if you have spare parts to bring them with you. Red Rock will have alcohol for sale for the Animal and Flathead karts to purchase.

​4/20/19 Results
Wow!! What an awesome night at Red Rock!! We were blessed with 70 karts signed into the pits. We had an amazing 20 Heavy Clones sign up for the Heavy Clone Money Race. All kids enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by Red Rock to start the night off.

If you weren't at Red Rock Saturday night you missed what may have been the best money race run to date! (I will be spot lighting a different class each week for the write up) Kuddos to EACH AND EVERY Heavy Cone driver... what a top notch group of drivers!! Everyone raced each other hard but clean. With only 3 cautions in the 20 Lap feature. 
Jeff Lynn in the #1 Lynn Steel Sales machine jumped out to an early lead but Quintin Graham 17B followed in second and never took his eyes off Lynn and running third was Jarred John who kept eyeballing both Lynn and Graham. On lap 5 Graham grabbed the lead from Lynn and took John wIith him shuffling Lynn back a few spots. The caution on lap 8 saw the 11w of Joby Weller flip going into turn one and tossed out of his kart like a rag doll. I am happy to report that I have spoken with Joby a few times since Saturday night and he states that he's ok right now but his back and ribs are still hurting. He wanted to thank everyone for inquiring how he is doing. The race resumed with Graham out front and John right behind him. On lap 10 John grabbed the lead and held off Graham for 5 laps. On lap 15 Graham took over 1st place once again and never looked back. 
Again I can't express how thankful everyone is that Joby is ok. We'd like to give a shout out to Juanita Valley Ambulance service for checking him out and being with us every race for the safety of our drivers! And again thank you to all of the Heavy Clone drivers for the most amazing money race... you ALL are the best of the best!!

Feature Finishes:

Heavy Clones
1- 17B Quinton Graham
2- 8 Jared John 
3- 7 Jacob Rayson
4- E1 Issac Caretti
5- 1L Jeff Lynn
6- 44 Roger Lowery
7- 28 Andrew Broucher
8- 2 Cooper Corley
9- 144 Joseph Harrison
10- 42 Corey Whetzel
11- 17 Jim Grove
12- 29 Bryson Sanders
13-93M Mickey Morocco
14-WD40 Dan Baker
15- 19 Rusty Focht
16- 21 RJ Focht
17- 13 Jordin Mitchell
18- 11 Evan Potter
19- 11w Joby Weller
20- 84 Joe Stiner

1- 16 Cam Shaull
2- 82 Cameron McClure
3- 23 Remy Everline
NS 27 Hayden Saylor

Rookie I
1- 88 Colton Guiher

JR Sportsman I Champ
1- 39 Chance Smith
2- 48 Evan Shaull
3- 34 Jessica Dell
4- 57 DJ Shives
5- 4B Brandon Beatty

JR Predator
1- 36 Josh Dell
2- 101 JW Lindsay
3- 27 Ruthie Saylor
4- 18 Jacob Yokum

Heavy Animal
1- 74 Dan Baker

SR Champ
1- 00 Cooper Corley
2- 16 Rebecca Ghantous
3- 11AJ Jeremiah Connor

JR Sportsman II Champ
1- 4 Alexis Brocious
2- 42 Coltin Yanity

Rookie II
1- 22 Trenton Nickel
2- 13 Ryder Felton

JR Gold
1- 6D Derek Long
2-17 McKenzie DeHaven
3- 77* Brycen Scheffield
4- 30 Timothy Moody
5- 23J Jeremiah Oakes
6- 18 Kaylyn Roudabush

SR Predators
1- 36 Joel Dell
2- 57 Alan Shives
3- 21 Josh Broucher
4-101 Danny Lindsay
5-25 Steve Yokum
6- 72 Jeremiah Witherup
7- 9R Josh Hartman
8- 72x Devon Witherup

JR Champ
1- 22 Bradyn Kuhn
2- 27B Brendan Saylor
3- 7D Cadance Schray

370 Flatheads
1- 3c Doug Claycomb
2- 18 Steve Oakes

Lite Clones
1- 144 Joseph Harrison
2- E1 Isaac Caretti
3- 17B Quinton Graham
4- 8 Jared John
5- 13 Jordan Mitchell
6- 7 Jacob Rayson
7- 28 Andrew Broucher
8- 11w Bob Warsing

Heat Winners:

Heavy Clones
1- 1L Jeff Lynn
2- 7 Jacob Rayson
3- 17B Quinton Graham

Pre Rookies
1- 82 Cameron McClure

Rookie I
1- 88 Colton Guiher

Jr Sportsman I Champ
1- Chance Smith

Jr Predator
1- 101 JW Lindsay

Heavy Animal
1- 74 Dan Baker

SR Champ
1- 00 Cooper Corley

JR Sportsman II Champ
1- 4 Alexis Brocious

Rookie II
1- 22 Trenton Nickel

JR Gold
1- 77* Brycen Scheffield

SR Predators
1- 57 Alan Shives

JR Champ
1- 22 Bradyn Juhn

370 Flatheads
1- 3C Doug Claycomb

Lite Clones
1- 17B Quinton Graham

Coming this Saturday at Red Rock:
Spring Fling 370 Heavy Animal $$ Race - 250 To Win
All Regular Divisions
Wicked Cushion PA Micro Midgets
Super Cyclone Series

New Predator Division Rules

  The rules are posted on the Rules Tab

Tillotson PK-1b Carb WILL NOT be allowed at Red Rock along with most other tracks in PA. This carb is marked and you can tell what it is very quick. You get caught in tech with this carb you will be Disqualified no questions ask.. (this includes any money/trophy for the night, points for the night as well as any stickers).This Should not not affect most as there are not many in out there (1,300). The Tillotson PK-1A is a legal carburetor on clones.

Also the Inserts or anything added to the inside of a tire Sidewall will result in an immediate DQ should you have any questions please call me (301)-268-3705


Latest News & Announcements


Gates Open @ 2:00

Driver's Meeting @ 4:45

Racing Starts @ 5:00


We are off the next two Saturdays

Our next race is September 7th


Predators: Remeber you must have your governor installed and the original fuel tank installed. The new weight is 375#. These changes were made so that you will be legal at 7 different tracks now.

BMS Plate - We will No Longer be allowing the BMS Plate with the big pipe. This has been causing too many issues. This was allowed to assst those racing with us Saturday nights and then going to the BMS Show Sunday early AM. At the last race which was a Friday night (no BMS Show Sat) a few were trying to use the plate (to an advantage). To avoid any further complications we are resending this rule. According  to several different engine builders it only takes 15-20 minutes to make the change. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

​Verna Dunkinson, Promotor

Grandstand Admission 

13 & up - $7.00

   5-12 -  $2.00

   4 & under Free 

Regular Show Pit Pass  $13.00

Anyone entering the pit must purchase a pit pass ! (this includes kids) It is an insurance regulation!

Regular Show

Sr Predator Class $5.00